This is a publication on "Growing Natural Tourism" as an output of the Natural Economy Northwest workstream on researching, developing and demonstrating the potential for natural tourism in NW England.

It captures the environmental, social and economic benefits of natural tourism

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Hi William,

that is an extremely interesting publication, which also leads to a futher question inherent in the promotion and development of ecotourism: How can Ecotourism work hand in hand with Conservation? 

According to the US Agency for International Development, where areas have been officially reserved for nature conservation, many developing-country governments (and I imagine the problem is similar in many European countries), lack sufficient funds to manage and protect them. Therefore the money spent by tourists to visit protected areas helps raise much needed funds to continue to protect these areas, thus ensuring that they will be there in generations to come, intact.

Are there more ways that ecotourism can work hand in hand with conservation? What does everyone think?



This project has been funded with support from the European Commission.

The European Ecotourism Knowledge Network (ECOLNET) is a 3-year project (2010-2013) co-financed by the European Commission, Lifelong Learning Programme, Transversal Programmes, Key Activity 3-ICT Networks.

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