Largely unknown as an ecotourism destination among Europeans, Greece has  stunning mountains and  islandic inlands that offer fascinating opportunities for ecotourism. What is missing though is a European orientation of the ecotourism market, the institutional framework that would enable ecotourism businesses to be sertified for quality services, and the effective marketing that would exploit the above. A workshop announced by PRISMA in the context of the ECOLNET project will  be held in Athens on 22 May 2013 to discuss the prospects of ecotourism in Greece and the contribution of EETLS in enhancing such prospects. Post your ideas for discussion here! 

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Dear friends,

Surely Europe is a beautiful place, but other parts of world provide ample opportunities to ecotourists. you can take the example of  Dharamshala ( Kangra, Himachal Pradesh,India) in the above picture, where picturesque valley & Beautiful mountains of Dhauladhar  are present.

There are ample opportunities for ecotourism everywhere, but most important thing is that apart from commercial aspect, we also have to value our mother earth, by sustainable development of ecolocations.

Amit Katoch

Agreed. This side of Greece is not known among ecotourists. Though a visit to some of Greece's Natura regions will definitely assure anyone that the country is not just sun and sea, but also beautiful and intresting for its biodiversity.

For sure Greece has wonderful and undiscovered places all around. I have been also lucky and had opportunity to see this beautiful place called Gialova Lagoon in South-Greece. It has a lot of potential for ecotourism.
I hope you had good ideas for Greece on this workshop.

Greece definitely is an amazing ecotourism destination and I completely agree with you regarding the need for an institutional framework - both on the European level and within Greece itself. The EETLS provides an excellent opportunity to ensure that ecotourism businesses, including both hotels and tour operators, are able to demonstrate their commitment to ecotourism and be recognised for doing so. Unfortunately, greenwashing is still prevalent in Greece and convincing businesses of the benefits certification can bring - both for the businesses, surrounding communities and the tourists that visit them - will be a major challenge. But it's a challenge worth facing!

Negotiations to develop a Greek ecotourism society are already underway, and the creation of this entity would mark a major step forward for Greece. As for the European level, there is a need for existing ecotourism societies to come together and discuss the furtherance of European Ecotourism post-Ecolnet. This platform is the ideal location for discussions on this issue.



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